I’m available for podcast interviews and talks at your organization.

If you’re creating an inspirational event for your organization, I’m happy to customize a theme tailored to your specific audience.

Here is a list of topics I typically speak about:



How the “curse of the good girl” holds women back in business, and what to do about it.

Why bubble baths are not enough: How a deeper kind of self-care leads to true clarity and resilience.

Taking Risks: A surprisingly unconventional way to strengthen this critical life skill.


How getting in touch with your shadow side makes you a better parent.

Tuning in to your child: Why resonant reflection is the secret weapon for easier parenting.

Helping your child to cope. How to help your child discover their own coping skills just below the surface.


The missing key to healing: Learning about the potential for sabotage in our own subconscious.

Moving mindfulness: You don’t have to sit still to enjoy the benefits of meditation.

Become a better decision-maker. Learn key hacks for your psyche and nervous system to make more confident decisions.


Why breathwork is so critical for people working in healthcare, and how to practice it on-site.

How Shadow Work (aka Parts Work) helps you avoid and recover from burnout.

Beyond mindfulness: Cutting-edge stress management for immediate relief during tough times.


Developing presence, the secret weapon of truly great leaders.

What is a “hunch?” Knowing how to develop and use hunches intelligently.

Power over versus power with: How identifying and welcoming the natural gifts of your team members makes your job easier.

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