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What is Breathwork

Breathwork is an ancient art and science dating back thousands of years, one that is currently having an exciting renaissance.

What do we mean when we say “breathwork?”

Breathwork is an umbrella term which encompasses a large repertoire of different methods of manipulating the breath in ways that end up changing our physical and psychological state. The three main ways we manipulate the breath are on the inhale, the exhale and what we call the “hold,” (the space between the inhale and the exhale).

The work is really very simple; but the range of health and nervous system benefits are vast.

The type of breathwork I practice is called Conscious Connected Breathing or Circular Breathing. It involves a vigorous in-and-out breath to music for a little while (about 25 minutes) followed by a rest period. The simplicity of this description belies what an incredible inner journey occurs when you do this type of focused, dynamic breathing.

Breathwork has to be experienced to be understood.

Why do breathwork?

Most of us go through life in a state of chronic stress, which we may not even be aware of. This stress and strain builds up and there are surprisingly few ways for us to release it in our day-to-day lives.

Dynamic Breathwork is the best way I’ve found to release this stress and emotional strain we carry around with us. As you lie on a mat on the floor with music playing, I guide you through the breathing. We’re able to let so many different thoughts and feelings wash through us, and simply release.

People report feeling wonderfully lighter and more empowered after breathwork.

Who is it for?

When people ask me if they can do breathwork, I say, “If you’re human, you should be doing breathwork.”

The breath is so completely elemental to our existence. The more we move the breath, the more we can move the stuck parts of our lives.

I’ve found that people who think “breathwork is not for me” are usually the ones who need it the most.

My class is not a woo-woo, crunchy granola type of vibe. It is a down-to-earth, accessible breathwork class for regular people who want to balance their nervous system.

Benefits of Breathwork

The benefits of breathwork are vast! Here is just a sampling of how breathwork can help you:

Gives immediate and profound stress relief

Increases energy

Improves confidence

Safely releases old trauma and fear

Enhances digestion and immunity

Reduces anxiety and depression

Brings new Insights into old problems

Strengthens intuition

Improves sleep

Increases a sense of love and acceptance

I offer...

Private Sessions

I guide you in a one-on-one Focusing Session via Zoom.

Weekly Group Session

My weekly class happens every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. PST. If this time doesn’t work for you, don’t worry! You can do the replay. You’ll receive a replay link shortly after class, which is good for the next three days.